Witness #1 - Dead - “These Guys” boast about politically assassinating Dr. Hieber by gassing him to death to silence him. He died of symptoms consistent with being gassed to death.

Witness #2 – DeadNancy Meersman, the Court Reporter for the Union Leader Corporation was fired and then dropped dead shortly after being fired. No new Court Reporter was assigned to replace her. Prior to her death we spoke repeatedly on the phone and in person. She was excited about my case and how well I had documented it. She was told by Union Leader Editor Joe McQuaid that her articles about my court cases were not to be published. She was incensed. She told me that what I had put together was astonishing and that it could get her a Pulitzer Prize. She lived with her mother. Shortly after she dropped dead, her mother followed suite. The Union Leader Corporation is owned and controlled by the Scagliotti and Tomasko families.

Witness #3 – Disappeared - Roger Talbot, the award winning investigative reporter for the Union Leader Corporation interviewed me extensively. He won his award with his excellent reporting on the Judge John Fairbanks case linked to organize crime and the NH Attorney Generals Office through Chief Investigator G. Michael Bahan. He gave me some excellent leads to pursue that opened up a Pandora's Box of corruption.. He suddenly retired and speaks to people through a crack in his door. He was served a subpoena in one of my several mis-trials. He defied it and the judge did nothing. The Union Leader Corporation is owned and controlled by the Scagliotti and Tomasko families.

Witness #4 - Disappeared - (APPENDIX XXX) This informant, Mr. Ronald “Muscles” Sayballs, was slated to testify at one of my several trials. He disappeared before being able to testify.

Witness #5 - Disappeared - (APPENDIX XX) The former Chief Investigator at the NH Attorney General’s Office, G. Michael Bahan, is on tape threatening this politician. Investigator Bahan was subpoenaed to testify. He disappeared just prior to the trial. NH AG Kelly Ayotte refused to disclose his whereabouts. That is witness tampering in a murder investigation.

Witness #6 – Dead - (APPENDIX X) Dr. James J. Adams was another witness at trial. He drowned just after resigning from his post and just prior to my issuing a subpoena for him to testify. He is on tape committing several felonies in a failed attempt at covering up for these heinous crimes.

Witness #7 - Gone missing - Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney “Tony” Introcasso hails from NY and NJ. He is on tape boasting of his connections to the Italian Mafia in the trucking industry and repeatedly asking me, out of context to our short meeting, “Where is Jimmy Hoffa? His message is clear. Stop running for office or you will suffer the same fate as Jimmy Hoffa. His Mob name, in his own words, on tape, is............... Attorney Soprano. His message could not be clearer.

Witness #8 – Dead – Mr. John Janigan died on June 21, 2015.

Witness #9 – Threatened – Gerard Beloin, Candidate for the US Senate in 2020 and 2022 is currently under the threat of death by members of organized crime masquerading as agents for the State of NH tied to the Shaheen political machine.

Witness #10 – DeadSir Kently Blue of New Boston is his AKC registered name. AKA Kenny Boy. He died suddenly of kidney failure on February 16, 2018. When you read the chapter on Kenny you will understand how he would have made a great witness.